Enterprise Connect

Enterprise Connect overview

ForgeRockĀ® Enterprise Connect is an add-on capability available for purchase for ForgeRock Identity Cloud and self-managed versions of ForgeRock Access Management. Contact your ForgeRock representative for more details on how this capability can enhance your organization’s security posture.

For more information on concepts and high-level information, refer to passwordless overview.

Enterprise Connect provides a rich multi-factor authentication (MFA) to modern enterprises via:

  • Windows Workstation MFA: Protects your endpoints by enforcing MFA on Windows workstations.

  • Windows Remote desktop MFA: Protects your virtual Windows machines through MFA.

  • Windows Desktop SSO: Allows end users to automatically be signed in to the ForgeRock environment after logging into Windows.

  • Windows RADIUS proxy MFA: Protects your organization’s tools, such as your organization’s VPN, via the Windows RADIUS proxy.

  • Mac Workstation MFA: Protects your endpoints by enforcing MFA on Mac workstations.

Deploy the installation files relevant to the feature that is desired along with connecting into Identity Cloud or Access Management to access these capabilities.

Supported ForgeRock Access Management versions

While Enterprise Connect is fully supported in Identity Cloud, only specific versions of the self-managed Access Management are compatible.

Table 1: Access Management supported versions

ForgeRock Access Management


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