Enterprise Connect

Log files with Windows Workstation Authentication

By default, log files are disabled, but if you need to troubleshoot, logging can be enabled.

Enable and view logging
  1. Open Regsitry Editor as an administrator.

  2. Navigate to Enterprise Connect specific registry keys by going to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > SecretDoubleOctopus.

  3. Click on the WCPS tab.

  4. To turn logging on, change the value of the Trace key to 4 .

  5. To turn logging off, change the value of the Trace key to 0.

  6. Once enabled, logging will begin.

  7. Log files are stored in C:\Windows\Temp and consist of:

    The log files start with sdo, followed by a function, date, and a serial number. For example, sdorest06.09.2022190447.txt.

    1. sdocred: Records front-end UI activities.

    2. sdoguard: Records Workstation authentication service activities.

    3. sdorest: Records REST API activities

      To access the log files, you must first temporarily stop the Workstation Authentication service running on the Windows machine. The services holds a lock on the log files and must be suspended for you to view them.

      logging stop service
  8. When you have finished troubleshooting, change the Trace key back to 0 and start the Workstation Authentication service back up.

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