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Configure the management console

The management console (MC) is the central place to manage settings, devices, and users for Enterprise Connect Passwordless.

For information on installing the management console server, refer to Install Enterprise Connect Passwordless Servers.
mc server overview

It enables you to configure and manage:

  • System settings: Enables you to view and update system configuration settings, such as authenticators, mail server settings, and more.

  • Directories: Allows you to integrate corporate directories with the system and configure settings for each directory.

  • Manage users: Lists your users according to their associated directories and enables you to add, remove, and perform other administrative actions on users.

  • Devices: Lists the workstations in the system, provides detailed information about them and allows you to perform administrative operations on them.

  • Services: Lists the services integrated with the MC and enables you to add and update services.

  • Portal: Allows you to control settings for the user portal.

  • Auditing: Displays a log of every administrative action performed by the system or by users.


For configuration instructions of the MC, refer to the following table:

Version PDF

Enterprise Connect Passwordless Server 5.8.2

5.8.2 MC guide

Enterprise Connect Passwordless Server 5.4.8

5.4.8 MC guide

Enterprise Connect Passwordless Server 5.4.4

5.4.4 MC guide

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