ForgeRock Identity Platform 7.3

Prepare the servers

These instructions assume all servers are deployed on their own hosts, with the following server settings. Adjust the settings to match your own deployment.

To deploy the entire platform on a single computer, the recommended alternative is to use the ForgeOps Cloud Developer’s Kit (CDK) on Minikube.

If you nevertheless choose to demonstrate these deployments on your computer, add aliases for the fully qualified domain names used for the servers and platform UIs to your /etc/hosts file:
  • AM host:

  • AM port: 8081

  • External DS host:

  • External DS ports:

    adminConnectorPort 4444
    ldapPort 1389
    ldapsPort 1636

  • IDM host:

  • IDM ports: HTTP 8080, HTTPS 8443

  • Platform Admin UI:

  • Platform Login UI:

  • Platform End User UI:

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