IDM 7.2.2

API configuration object

Connectors continue to be released outside the IDM release. For the latest documentation, refer to the ICF documentation.

The API configuration object holds the runtime configuration of the connector facade instance. The ICF framework creates a default API configuration object inside the Connector Info object. The application creates a copy of the API configuration object and customizes it according to its requirements. The API configuration object includes the following components:

Object Pool Configuration

The object pool configuration specifies the pool configuration for poolable connectors only. Non-poolable connectors ignore this parameter. The object pool configuration includes the following parameters:


The maximum number of idle and active instances of the connector.


The maximum number of idle instances of the connector.


The maximum time, in milliseconds, that the pool waits for an object before timing out. A value of 0 means that there is no timeout.


The maximum time, in milliseconds, that an object can be idle before it is removed. A value of 0 means that there is no idle timeout.


The minimum number of idle instances of the connector.

Results Handler Configuration

The results handler configuration defines how the ICF framework chains together the different results handlers to filter search results.



If the connector implements the attribute normalizer interface, you can enable this interface by setting this configuration property to true. If the connector does not implement the attribute normalizer interface, the value of this property has no effect.



If the connector uses the filtering and search capabilities of the remote connected system, you can set this property to false. If the connector does not use the remote system’s filtering and search capabilities (for example, the CSV file connector), you must set this property to true, otherwise the connector performs an additional, case-sensitive search, which can cause problems.



By default, the filtered results handler (described previously) is case sensitive. If the filtered results handler is enabled this property lets you enable case-insensitive filtering. When case-insensitive filtering is not enabled, a search will not return results unless the case matches exactly. For example, a search for lastName = "Jensen" will not match a stored user with lastName : jensen.



By default, IDM determines which attributes that should be retrieved in a search. If the enableAttributesToGetSearchResultsHandler property is set to true, the ICF framework removes all attributes from the READ/QUERY response, except for those that are specifically requested. For performance reasons, it is recommended that you set this property to false for local connectors, and to true for remote connectors.

Configuration Properties

The Configuration Properties object is built and populated by the framework as it parses the connectors configuration class.

Timeout Configuration

The timeout configuration enables you to configure timeout values per operation type. By default, there is no timeout configured for any operation type.

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