IDM 7.2.2

Disable automatic configuration updates

By default, IDM monitors files in the conf directory periodically for any changes to the configuration. This functionality is configured in the following properties in your conf/ file:


Sets the interval at which files are polled for changes. 2000 milliseconds by default.


Specifies whether files should be monitored. true by default. In a production system, you should disable automatic polling for updates to prevent untested configuration changes from disrupting your identity service. Setting this property to false also disables the file-based configuration view, which means that IDM reads its configuration only from the repository.

If automatic polling is enabled, IDM immediately uses changes to scripts called from a JSON configuration file.


Allows IDM to start up and load configuration when there aren’t currently any configs stored in the repository. true by default.


Specify which file types should be monitored (if openidm.fileinstall.enabled=true). File types are specified in a pipe-separated list, for example:


Disable configuration file writes

To disable writes to configuration files, set the following property to false in your conf/ file:


This setting is suitable for read-only installations.

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