IDM 7.2.2

Remote connector server changes

Connectors continue to be released outside the IDM release. Release notes for the latest versions of ICF connectors are available here.

Refer to Connector framework changes for details regarding any changes to the ICF Connector Framework that may affect RCS behavior.

  • OPENICF-1473: Java RCS: template should include config for FRAAS

  • OPENICF-1889: Java RCS: Include relevant defaults for RCS config

  • OPENICF-2132: Java RCS: uses -run instead of -service to start the RCS

  • OPENICF-2137: Java RCS: When running in -service mode, version is not displayed at startup.

  • OPENICF-2174: Java RCS: Incompatible with AM macaroons: Unrecognized field "expireTime"

Bundled connectors were updated, though no changes to the remote connector server were made.

  • OPENICF-2000: potential log flooding resulting from operation cancel request messages for LocalOperations which have already completed

  • OPENICF-1883: Java RCS: Improve stability of RCS WebSocket connection management

  • OPENICF-1975: Java RCS: Increase default heap size from 512m to 1g

  • OPENICF-1925: Java RCS: require explicitly set property to enable agent deployment

  • OPENICF-1832: Java RCS: High CPU usage when running as a service

  • OPENICF-1855: Investigate handling query 'poison pill' termination via recon automatic retry upon exception receipt

  • OPENICF-1726: Java RCS: OAuth access token should be cached and reused till expired

  • OPENICF-1744: Java RCS: Unable to run RCS with Marketo connector using a different groovy version

  • OPENICF-1796: Java RCS: NPE if connectorserver.url has a bad hostname

  • OPENICF-1725: Java RCS: classPath issue in JAVA_DLL when running as a service on Windows

  • OPENICF-1730: Client ConnectorInfos cache not refreshed upon RCS instance restart when using RCS Agent

  • OPENICF-1743: Java RCS: windows service starts up and stops abruptly

  • OPENICF-1751: Sporadic issues managing RCS-hosted connectors through IDM Native Admin Console

  • OPENICF-1783: Java RCS: Rename the windows service name

  • OPENICF-1792: Java RCS: message hostId missing and causing a connection drop

  • OPENICF-1746: Java RCS: Should display its current version in console and jar files should have their version in file name

  • OPENICF-1764: Java RCS: on Windows, ConnectorServer.bat /setKey does not work

  • OPENICF-1774: Java RCS: upgrade Procrun to latest version for RCS as a Windows service.

  • OPENICF-1655: Java RCS: When using TLS, the RCS does not work behind a proxy.

  • OPENICF-1366: Java Connector Server: /setDefaults does not revert config to default properly

  • OPENICF-1502: RCS: requests not cancelled when websocket closes

  • OPENICF-1540: RCS: requests bearer token from AM, but doesn’t look for error status code in response

  • OPENICF-1544: Fix double-checked locking in WebSocketConnectionGroup

  • OPENICF-1549: Update default

  • OPENICF-1555: Clarify locking behavior in ConnectorServer for Grizzly server lifecycle

  • OPENICF-1561: RCS: Reduce log level for common debug messages

  • OPENIDM-16178: IDM recon would fail w/ remote Java connector server

  • OPENICF-1516: Failed ICF Search Query confuses total number of search results

  • OPENICF-1520: Java RCS: Connection groups can accumulate many more websockets than they should have

  • OPENICF-1485: Java RCS: Non operational ConnectionGroup should be closed and removed

  • OPENICF-1486: Java RCS: Connection housekeeping task may stop running

  • OPENICF-1494: Java RCS: Housekeeping task gets blocked

  • OPENICF-1500: Java RCS: Improve default logging

  • OPENICF-1482: Java RCS: fails to reestablish connections to IDM after IDM is restarted

  • OPENICF-1467: RCS: endless loops on connection loss and shutdown

No issues specific to the Remote Connector Server were addressed in this release.

  • OPENICF-1393: Java Connector Server: useSSL property use should be clarified

  • OPENICF-1394: missing connectorserver.scope in connectorserver property file

  • OPENICF-1395: Investigate and clean up the following start up error message

  • OPENICF-1397: Java Connector Server: trustStore and keyStore properties should be set

  • OPENICF-1399: restarting IDM with active RCS causes RCS to decrement websocket connection count

  • OPENICF-1400: Java Connector Server: Property name usessl should match docs and code

  • OPENICF-1404: Java connector server proxy config for port is incorrect

  • OPENICF-1407: Java RCS: Incorrect url in Debug message of HttpRequestPacket header for non-SSL

  • OPENICF-1408: Java RCS: NPE when we set proxyHost for client mode

  • OPENICF-1371: Java Connector server does not always reestablish closed websockets

  • OPENICF-1390: Java RCS: Prevent use of websockets that are about to be closed

  • OPENICF-1392: Java Connector Server: TTL should be in seconds

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