IDM 7.2.1

Remote connector server changes

Refer to Connector framework changes for details regarding any changes to the ICF Connector Framework that may affect RCS behavior.

  • OPENICF-1473: Java RCS: template should include config for FRAAS

  • OPENICF-1889: Java RCS: Include relevant defaults for RCS config

  • OPENICF-2132: Java RCS: uses -run instead of -service to start the RCS

  • OPENICF-2137: Java RCS: When running in -service mode, version is not displayed at startup.

  • OPENICF-2174: Java RCS: Incompatible with AM macaroons: Unrecognized field "expireTime"

Bundled connectors were updated, though no changes to the remote connector server were made.

  • OPENICF-2000: potential log flooding resulting from operation cancel request messages for LocalOperations which have already completed

  • OPENICF-1883: Java RCS: Improve stability of RCS WebSocket connection management

  • OPENICF-1975: Java RCS: Increase default heap size from 512m to 1g

  • OPENICF-1925: Java RCS: require explicitly set property to enable agent deployment

  • OPENICF-1832: Java RCS: High CPU usage when running as a service

  • OPENICF-1855: Investigate handling query 'poison pill' termination via recon automatic retry upon exception receipt

  • OPENICF-1726: Java RCS: OAuth access token should be cached and reused till expired

  • OPENICF-1744: Java RCS: Unable to run RCS with Marketo connector using a different groovy version

  • OPENICF-1796: Java RCS: NPE if connectorserver.url has a bad hostname

  • OPENICF-1725: Java RCS: classPath issue in JAVA_DLL when running as a service on Windows

  • OPENICF-1730: Client ConnectorInfos cache not refreshed upon RCS instance restart when using RCS Agent

  • OPENICF-1743: Java RCS: windows service starts up and stops abruptly

  • OPENICF-1751: Sporadic issues managing RCS-hosted connectors through IDM Native Admin Console

  • OPENICF-1783: Java RCS: Rename the windows service name

  • OPENICF-1792: Java RCS: message hostId missing and causing a connection drop

  • OPENICF-1746: Java RCS: Should display its current version in console and jar files should have their version in file name

  • OPENICF-1764: Java RCS: on Windows, ConnectorServer.bat /setKey does not work

  • OPENICF-1774: Java RCS: upgrade Procrun to latest version for RCS as a Windows service.

  • OPENICF-1655: Java RCS: When using TLS, the RCS does not work behind a proxy.

  • OPENICF-1366: Java Connector Server: /setDefaults does not revert config to default properly

  • OPENICF-1502: RCS: requests not cancelled when websocket closes

  • OPENICF-1540: RCS: requests bearer token from AM, but doesn’t look for error status code in response

  • OPENICF-1544: Fix double-checked locking in WebSocketConnectionGroup

  • OPENICF-1549: Update default

  • OPENICF-1555: Clarify locking behavior in ConnectorServer for Grizzly server lifecycle

  • OPENICF-1561: RCS: Reduce log level for common debug messages

  • OPENIDM-16178: IDM recon would fail w/ remote Java connector server

  • OPENICF-1516: Failed ICF Search Query confuses total number of search results

  • OPENICF-1520: Java RCS: Connection groups can accumulate many more websockets than they should have

  • OPENICF-1485: Java RCS: Non operational ConnectionGroup should be closed and removed

  • OPENICF-1486: Java RCS: Connection housekeeping task may stop running

  • OPENICF-1494: Java RCS: Housekeeping task gets blocked

  • OPENICF-1500: Java RCS: Improve default logging

  • OPENICF-1482: Java RCS: fails to reestablish connections to IDM after IDM is restarted

  • OPENICF-1467: RCS: endless loops on connection loss and shutdown

No issues specific to the Remote Connector Server were addressed in this release.

  • OPENICF-1393: Java Connector Server: useSSL property use should be clarified

  • OPENICF-1394: missing connectorserver.scope in connectorserver property file

  • OPENICF-1395: Investigate and clean up the following start up error message

  • OPENICF-1397: Java Connector Server: trustStore and keyStore properties should be set

  • OPENICF-1399: restarting IDM with active RCS causes RCS to decrement websocket connection count

  • OPENICF-1400: Java Connector Server: Property name usessl should match docs and code

  • OPENICF-1404: Java connector server proxy config for port is incorrect

  • OPENICF-1407: Java RCS: Incorrect url in Debug message of HttpRequestPacket header for non-SSL

  • OPENICF-1408: Java RCS: NPE when we set proxyHost for client mode

  • OPENICF-1371: Java Connector server does not always reestablish closed websockets

  • OPENICF-1390: Java RCS: Prevent use of websockets that are about to be closed

  • OPENICF-1392: Java Connector Server: TTL should be in seconds

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