IDM 7.2.2

Email for password reset

To configure emails for password reset, you can add the following code block to the selfservice-reset.json file:

    "name" : "emailValidation",
    "identityEmailField" : "mail",
    "emailServiceUrl" : "external/email",
    "emailServiceParameters" : {
        "waitForCompletion" : false
    "from" : "",
    "subject" : "Reset password email",
    "mimeType" : "text/html",
    "subjectTranslations" : {
        "en" : "Reset your password",
        "fr" : "Réinitialisez votre mot de passe"
    "messageTranslations" : {
        "en" : "<h3>Click to reset your password</h3><h4><a href=\"%link%\">Password reset link</a></h4>",
        "fr" : "<h3>Cliquez pour réinitialiser votre mot de passe</h3><h4><a href=\"%link%\">Mot de passe lien de réinitialisation</a></h4>"
    "verificationLinkToken" : "%link%",
    "verificationLink" : "https://localhost:8443/#/passwordreset/"

As suggested by the code block, it includes default password reset email messages in English (en) and French (fr). The verificationLink sent with the email takes users to the IDM password reset URL.

As noted in Password reset REST requests, you can make these changes over the following endpoint URI: /openidm/config/selfservice/reset

If desired, you can also configure self-service password reset emails through the admin UI. Select Configure > Password Reset. If needed, activate the Enable Password Reset option, and in the Email Validation box, click the button. The Configure Validation Email window displays.

When you use the admin UI to customize password reset emails, you can review the changes in the selfservice-reset.json file.

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