IDM 7.2.2

OpenAM auto-login stage

This stage is used to perform auto-login when IDM is configured with ForgeRock Access Management (AM). The stage is similar to the local auto-login stage, but also requires the returnParams stored in state (populated in the Parameters stage).

Example configuration
    "name" : "openAmAutoLogin",
    "identityUsernameField": "userName",
    "identityPasswordField": "password",
    "openAMBaseUrl" : "",
    "authenticationEndpoint" : "json/realms/root/authenticate"

This stage should appear towards the end of a process—it cannot be the first stage in a process.

Required Parameters
  • authenticationEndpoint - the AM Authentication Endpoint URL.

  • openAMBaseUrl - the URL of the AM server.

  • identityUsernameField - the managed object property that contains the username.

  • identityPasswordField - the managed object property that contains the user password.

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