IDM 7.2.2

Known issues

This topic lists important issues that remain open at the time of release.

IDM issues

  • OPENIDM-17813: File content incorrect on read

  • OPENIDM-17749: DB2 repo failed to query cluster states. Lock balancing aborted

  • OPENIDM-17665: Undocumented behavior change with internal roles/users security

  • OPENIDM-17631: Overriding the key “aliases” in conf/secrets.json using $array and $list coercion type to support multiple key aliases is not working

  • OPENIDM-17518: 500 Internal Server Error when making PUT and POST requests against a managed endpoint that doesn’t exist

  • OPENIDM-17516: Pattern policy ignored when doing operation replace with empty values

  • OPENIDM-17488: Removing a parent relationship from a child org as owner/admin of that parent org returns a 404 instead of a 200 on JDBC/MySQL as repo

  • OPENIDM-17375: IDM info/ping endpoint intermittently throws NPE

  • OPENIDM-17345: Changing default rest context to /svc/idm rather than /idm causes UI to misbehave

  • OPENIDM-17255: The admin UI breaks the schema when editing it

  • OPENIDM-17190: PBKDF2 pre-hashed passwords from IDM not working on DS

  • OPENIDM-16923: If all KBA info questions are deleted through UI, question index is corrupted

  • OPENIDM-16825: User updates needs to be submitted twice

  • OPENIDM-16804: Admin UI forgets mat-icon setting when object properties are re-ordered

  • OPENIDM-16796: Error message: Only "replace" patch operation is supported on /kbaInfo when set to viewable

  • OPENIDM-16795: Inconsistent URLs when hovering on Admin UI home page OOTB widgets across IDM versions

  • OPENIDM-16791: Booleans show up in the end user ui even if set as not viewable

  • OPENIDM-16631: Cron-like Trigger for Weekly schedule shows incorrectly

  • OPENIDM-16618: Admin UI sends encrypted data as string when an unrelated attribute is modified

  • OPENIDM-16615: Admin UI duplicates patch operations when adding manager

  • OPENIDM-16564: 404 Error when viewing recon events in System Monitoring Dashboard

  • OPENIDM-16528: Properties defined as "nullable" become required

  • OPENIDM-16516: Incoherent script hooks bindings when PATCH a relationship collection containing relationship properties

  • OPENIDM-16487: The UI should allow the admin to select which linkQualifier the assignment belongs to

  • OPENIDM-16465: Saved powershell connector config through admin UI is not valid

  • OPENIDM-16463: API explorer failing in platform integration

  • OPENIDM-16453: Enduser login fails if user _id contains special characters

  • OPENIDM-16443: Setting RCS Cluster Load Balancing Algorithm to round robin results in failed recons for large datasets

  • OPENIDM-16441: Enduser UI can fail to load organizations when the managed organization schema is updated

  • OPENIDM-16432: Self-service registration submits input as string for number attribute

  • OPENIDM-16201: Policy validation for new managed objects occurs against previously accessed object

  • OPENIDM-16108: Creating assignments via REST breaks IDM UI elements

  • OPENIDM-15702: INTERNAL_USER auth module no longer in the default config

  • OPENIDM-15623: DS Repo performance issues with large number of role members without paging

  • OPENIDM-15585: Admin UI doesn’t display correct enable state for Audit Event Handlers

  • OPENIDM-15322: Query on relationship endpoint with *_ref without paging takes much longer time to return with external DS as repo

  • OPENIDM-15284: authzRoles property does not show or accept addition of resource collection

  • OPENIDM-15145: UI: Audit Filter Policies only save to "excludeIf"

ICF/Connector issues

For an up-to-date list of known ICF and connector issues, refer to Known issues in the Connector documentation.

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