IDM 7.2.2

Local auto-login stage

This stage is used to perform auto-login with IDM. The stage obtains the OAuth Login from state, and populates the user object (username and password) in state.

The stage adds the OAuth login to the successAdditions (with a value of true) and adds the successURL from its own configuration. If IDM can obtain all those details from state, it takes the user object, locates the username and password, and generates a CREDENTIAL_JWT. That JWT is then placed in the successAdditions parameter.

If IDM is unable to generate the CREDENTIAL_JWT, it generates an internal server error (500).

Example configuration
    "name" : "localAutoLogin",
    "successUrl" : "",
    "identityUsernameField": "userName",
    "identityPasswordField": "password"

This stage should appear towards the end of a process—it cannot be the first stage in a process.

Required Parameters
  • successURL - the URL to which an end user should be redirected following successful registration.

  • identityUsernameField - the managed object property that contains the username.

  • identityPasswordField - the managed object property that contains the user password.

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