IDM 7.2.2

Connector reference

Installation and configuration reference for the connectors that are supported with ForgeRock® Identity Management software. This reference includes installation and configuration instructions for each connector, and examples that demonstrate how to use the connectors in a deployment.

Connectors continue to be updated and released outside IDM. The latest connector reference for all ICF connectors is available here.

Connectors let you connect to external resources such as LDAP, Active Directory, flat files, and others. This guide describes all the connectors supported with IDM, and how to configure them.

Configurations shown in this guide are simplified to show essential aspects. Not all resources support all IDM operations; however, the resources shown here support most of the CRUD operations, reconciliation, and liveSync.

Resources are external systems, databases, directory servers, and other sources of identity data, that are managed and audited by IDM. To connect to resources, IDM loads the ForgeRock Open Identity Connector Framework (ICF). ICF avoids the need to install agents to access resources, instead using the resources' native protocols. For example, ICF connects to database resources using the database’s Java connection libraries or JDBC driver, to directory servers over LDAP, and to UNIX systems over ssh.

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The ForgeRock Common REST API works across the platform to provide common ways to access web resources and collections of resources.

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