IDM 7.2.2

Connector release notes

Release notes for the connectors that are supported with ForgeRock® Identity Management software. These release notes cover changes to connectors that have been released since ICF

Connectors continue to be released outside the IDM release. Release notes for the latest versions of ICF connectors are available here.

These release notes cover the ICF connector releases that are supported in a deployment of ForgeRock Identity Management.

The releases listed in this document cover the connector releases since ICF In most cases, these releases are backwards compatible with previous versions of IDM. Check the IDM / ICF Compatibility Matrix for your version of IDM for compatibility before installing a new version of a connector.

This document does not describe all ICF connectors. Additional connectors are available from the ForgeRock BackStage download site. If a connector release is listed here, but is not yet on the site, contact ForgeRock Support for access.

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The ForgeRock Common REST API works across the platform to provide common ways to access web resources and collections of resources.

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