IDM 7.2.2

Scripted connectors with PowerShell

Connectors continue to be released outside the IDM release. For the latest documentation, refer to the ICF documentation.

You can use the PowerShell Connector Toolkit to create connectors that can provision any Microsoft system, including, but not limited to, Active Directory, Microsoft SQL, MS Exchange, Sharepoint, Office365, and Azure. Essentially, any task that can be performed with PowerShell can be executed through connectors based on this toolkit.

The PowerShell Connector Toolkit is not a complete connector, in the traditional sense. Rather, it is a framework within which you must write your own PowerShell scripts to address the requirements of your Microsoft Windows ecosystem.

Connectors created with the PowerShell Connector Toolkit run on the .NET platform and require the installation of a .NET connector server on the Windows system. To install the .NET connector server, follow the instructions in Set Up a .NET RCS. These connectors also require PowerShell V2.

The PowerShell Connector Toolkit is available from the ForgeRock BackStage download site. To install the connector, download the archive ( and extract the MsPowerShell.Connector.dll to the same folder in which the Connector Server (connectorserver.exe) is located. IDM provides sample connector configurations and scripts that will enable you to get started with this toolkit.

About PowerShell

PowerShell combines a command-line shell and scripting language, built on the .NET Framework. For more information, refer to PowerShell Documentation.

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