IDM 7.2.2

IDM user interface

IDM provides two customizable, browser-based user interfaces: an Administrative User Interface (admin UI) and an End User interface (End User UI).

The admin UI provides a graphical interface for most aspects of the IDM configuration. If IDM is installed on the local system, access the admin UI at https://localhost:8443/admin. The admin UI lets you configure and manage users and roles, set up synchronization between resources, configure connectors, and more.

The End User UI provides role-based access to tasks based on BPMN2 workflows, and allows users to manage certain aspects of their own accounts, including configurable self-service registration. End users access the UI at a URL you specify. As an administrator, if IDM is installed on the local system, you can access the End User UI at https://localhost:8443/. All users, including openidm-admin, can change their password through the End User UI. The End User UI is described in Self-service end user UI.

Browser ad blocker extensions can inadvertently block some UI functionality, particularly if your configuration includes strings such as ad. For example, a connection to an Active Directory server might be configured at the endpoint system/ad. To avoid problems related to blocked UI functionality, remove the extension, or configure a safelist to ensure access to the targeted endpoints.

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