Identity Cloud

Create Object node

The Create Object node lets you create a new object in the underlying identity service based on information collected during authentication, such as user registration.

Any managed object attributes that are marked as required in the underlying identity service must be collected during authentication in order to create the new object.


Product Compatible?

ForgeRock Identity Cloud


ForgeRock Access Management (self-managed)


ForgeRock Identity Platform (self-managed)



This node requires the managed object attributes marked as required


Property Usage

Identity Resource

The type of managed identity resource object that this node creates. It must match the identity resource type for the current flow.

To check for the available managed identity resource types, go to the IDM admin UI, and open the Manage drop-down list in the upper right corner of the screen.

Identity managed object types are preceded by the icon.

Default: managed/user


This node doesn’t change the shared state.


This node has the following outcomes:

  • Created

  • Failed


This node can log the following warning messages:

Message Notes

Failed to create object

The preceding nodes don’t provide all the fields required to create the object.

Failed to retrieve object’s schema

The node failed to get the list of required attributes from the Identity Resource schema.


The following example uses this node with the Increment Login Count node to create a new user object.

Create object flow
  • The Page node includes various nodes that collect attributes and store them in the shared node state.

  • The Create Object node uses these attributes to create the new user.

  • The Increment Login Count node resets the retry count on successful authentication of the new user.

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