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ThreatMetrix Reason Code node

Analyzes the response from the ThreatMetrix Session Query node and checks to see if an individual reason code has been returned. These reason codes correspond to the rule names you configured in LexisNexis Dynamic Decision Platform (DDP) using the ThreatMetrix console.

The ThreatMetrix Reason Code node enable you to dynamically configure outcomes and manage journeys quickly. Often this node is used in place of the ThreatMetrix Review Status node.

A typical journey using ThreatMetrix Reason Code node is shown here:

threat metrix reason code journey

In the journey shown, the ThreatMetrix Reason Code node is configured with the Firefox reason code to appropriately route the flow to a step-up authentication node.


A list of reason codes you would like to check and apply ThreatMetrix policy. When a reason code is added to this list, a new outcome is presented on the node. The node iterates through the configured reason codes until a code is found and returns the obtained reason as the outcome. If no reason code is found, None Triggered outcome is returned.

In the example diagram shown above the following reason codes have been added.

Property Usage


Route to the Risk Challenge node.


Route to a step-up authentication node


Route to an integration error handler node

None Triggered

Route to a rejection node



Add a challenge step in authentication - for additional security.


Add a step-up authentication when the request comes from Firefox

None Triggered

No configured reason code is found.


An error occurred.

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