PingOne Advanced Identity Cloud

Configure the scheduler service

There is a distinction between the configuration of the scheduler service, and the configuration of individually scheduled tasks and events (which execute based off of the configurations of the scheduler service). The scheduler configuration has the following format, and configures the Quartz Scheduler:

    "threadPool" : {
        "threadCount" : 10
    "scheduler" : {
        "executePersistentSchedules" : {
            "$bool" : "&{openidm.scheduler.execute.persistent.schedules}"
  • threadCount specifies the maximum number of threads that are available for running scheduled tasks concurrently.

  • executePersistentSchedules lets you disable persistent schedules for a specific node. If this parameter is set to false, the Scheduler Service will support the management of persistent schedules (CRUD operations) but it will not run any persistent schedules. The value of this property can be a string or boolean. Its default value is true.

  • advancedProperties (optional) lets you configure additional properties for the Quartz Scheduler.

For details of all the configurable properties for the Quartz Scheduler, refer to the Quartz Scheduler Configuration Reference.

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