Identity Cloud

Review request items (Admin console)

The Identity Governance admin console provides a UI page, mirroring the end-user UI, to track all requests, workflows, and approval tasks. Administrators can carry out the following tasks:

  • Forward approval task

  • Cancel requests

Requests UI

On the Identity Cloud admin UI, click Governance > Requests.

governance request admin console
  • 1 Click to display the status: Pending, Completed, or Canceled requests.

  • 2 Click Request Date to sort the requests by Request Date, Requested For, Priority, or Request ID. Click Descending to sort descending order, or Ascending to sort in ascending order.

  • 3 Click Show Filters to filter by priority, request type, requested for, requester, or request ID.

    Show Filter
    governance request admin console show filter
  • 4 Click to display the request’s details

  • 5 Displays the request’s status.

  • 6 Click the ellipsis () to View Details, Forward, or Cancel Request.

View request details

The Details page displays the request type, application, and other details specific to the request. The page is identical to that of the end-user UI page with the Details, Tracking, and Comments tabs, except with the addition of a Task tab, available only to administrators.

  • On the Requests UI, click a request in a row to view the details. You can also click the ellipsis (), and then click View Details.

View request tasks

  1. On a selected requests page, click a request.

  2. On the View Details page, click the Tasks tab.

governance request tasks
  • 1 Click to forward the request to another user or role.

  • 2 View the specific task label.

  • 3 Hover your cursor over the icons to see the designated approver(s).

  • 4 View the current status of the task.

  • 5 Click to cancel the request.

Forward to another user or role

If the owner is unable to make a decision on their assigned access request due to insufficient information or other reasons, they can forward the request item request to one or more users assigned to a specific role.

To forward a request item to another user or role:

  1. Click the desired request to view the details.

  2. Click Forward.

  3. Select one of the following:

    • Another user — Forward the item to a single user.

    • Users with assigned role — Forward the item to users in a role.

      Every user within the role can make a decision on the item; however, once a decision is reached, the assigned request item is considered complete.
  4. Select the user or role to which to assign the item.

  5. Enter a comment as to why the item is being forwarded.

  6. Click Forward.

Cancel item

  1. Click the desired item to view the details.

  2. Optional. Add a comment to the request:

    1. Click the Comments tab, then click + Add Comment.

    2. Enter a comment, and then click + Add Comment.

  3. Click Cancel Request.

  4. On the modal, click Cancel Request.

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