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Tenant administrator mandatory 2-step verification FAQ

How is 2-step verification changing?

ForgeRock is making 2-step verification mandatory for all Identity Cloud tenant administrators. The option to skip registration for 2-step verification is deprecated and will be removed a year after the deprecation notification date (Friday, February 3, 2023), following the Identity Cloud deprecation and end of life policy.

idcloudui tenant administrator set up 2 step verification skip deprecated

Will the change to mandatory 2-step verification affect me?

Yes, this change affects all customers. You have until the deprecation end-of-life date (Saturday, February 3, 2024) to update your tenants to make 2-step verification mandatory for all tenant administrators.

How do I prepare my tenants to support 2-step verification?

If you have any automation that relies on the skip option to authenticate to Identity Cloud APIs, it must be updated to use a service account to get an access token.

Once 2-step verification is enforced, any automation that depends on the skip option will fail authentication.

How do I enable mandatory 2-step verification for my tenants?

  1. Make sure you have updated any automation that authenticates to Identity Cloud APIs to use a service account. Refer to How do I prepare my tenants to support 2-step verification?.

  2. Go to the Backstage website, and click Support > Tickets.

  3. On the support tickets page, click New Ticket.

  4. On the New Ticket page, choose Identity Cloud: Config Request.

  5. On the Identity Cloud: Config Request page, provide the following information:

    • Hostname(s)

      • Enter a comma separated list of FQDNs for your development, staging, and production tenant environments, and any sandbox tenant environments.

    • What would you like to do?

      • Select Enforce 2-step verification for tenant administrators

  6. Click Submit to create the support ticket.

  7. ForgeRock support turns on the enforcement of 2-step verification for your tenant administrators and then asks you to verify that everything is working as expected.

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