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LexisNexis OTP Collector node

The LexisNexis One-Time Password (OTP) Collector node collects the OTP code sent to the user. This node lets the user submit an OTP code for decision and validation. The user can also request the OTP code be resent.


Product Compatible?

ForgeRock Identity Cloud


ForgeRock Access Management (self-managed)


ForgeRock Identity Platform (self-managed)



There are no inputs for this node.


Requires the LexisNexis OTP Sender node earlier in the journey.


Property Usage

Message Body

The message displayed on the collector interface. The variable otpDestination contains an email address or a phone number depending on the OTP delivery method selected by the user in the LexisNexis OTP Sender node.

Help Text

The help text displayed in the OTP text entry box for the user.

OTP Error Message

The message displayed when the user enters an incorrect OTP code.

OTP Blank Message

The message displayed when the user attempts to submit a blank OTP code.


In case of an Error outcome, the error message is output to the shared state.



The user selected the "Submit" button. This must be linked to the LexisNexis OTP Decision node to validate the OTP Code submitted. If the LexisNexis OTP Decision node detects a blank or invalid OTP code, the journey returns to the LexisNexis OTP Collector node, and an appropriate message is displayed.

The Review and Challenge outcomes from the LexisNexis OTP Decision node must be linked back to the LexisNexis OTP Collector node.

The user requests a new OTP code by selecting the "Retry" button on the interface.


There is an integration error. Check the debug log files for any integration issues.


If this node logs an error, review the log messages to find the reason for the error. If the configuration looks accurate, then open a support case with LexisNexis.


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