Identity Cloud

PingOne Service

The PingOne Service lets you set up the PingOne service in your Identity Cloud tenant so that you can add PingOne nodes to your authentication journeys. You must set up this service in your Identity Cloud tenant before using the PingOne nodes in an authentication journey.

Configure the PingOne service

  1. Log in to your Identity Cloud admin UI, and go to Native Consoles > Access Management.

  2. In the Realm Overview page, click Service Management.

  3. Click + Add a Service.

  4. Select Ping One Service from the Choose a service type menu, and click Create.

  5. In the Ping One Service page, ensure that Enable is selected.

  6. Click Save Changes.

  7. Go to the Secondary Configuration tab, in the New PingOne Service configuration page, and configure these parameters:

    1. Environment ID: Your Identity Cloud environment ID

    2. Environment Region: The region in which your Identity Cloud environment is located

    3. PingOne Client ID: Your PingOne node client ID

    4. PingOne Node Client Secret: Your PingOne node client secret

    5. PingOne Node Redirect URL: Your PingOne node redirection URL

    6. PingOne DaVinci API Key: Your PingOne DaVinci API key

    7. Worker Application Client ID: The client ID of your worker application

    8. Worker Application Client Secret: The client secret of your worker application

  8. Click Create.

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