PingOne Advanced Identity Cloud

Localize login and end-user pages

PingOne Advanced Identity Cloud lets you localize login and end-user pages to support the different languages of your end users. Use ISO-639-1 language codes (for example fr and de) to provide locale specific content in as many locales as you need.

Localize at feature level

You can localize the following features related to journey and account pages:

Feature Description

Hosted pages

Refer to Localize headers and footers and Localize the favicon and theme logo.

Security questions

Refer to Security questions.

Terms and conditions

Refer to Terms and conditions.

Email templates

Refer to Email templates.

Localize journey authentication nodes

You can individually localize authentication nodes that display content in journey pages. For example, the Page node lets you add content to the Page Header property to display an initial journey message to end users. You can define as many localized versions of the message as you need:

ui journeys page node page header modal

Localize at UI level

You can localize static content and server messages in the login and end-user UIs using translation configuration. Refer to Configure tenant localization.

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