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icon am Access Management

Provides infrastructure for managing users, roles, and access to protected resources.

Intelligent Authentication
•   Multi-factor authentication
•   Web and Java Policy Agents for SSO
•   ForgeRock authenticator application

•   Authorization and policy decisions
•   Web and Java Policy Agents for enforcement
•   Authorize one-time access with transactional authz
•   Dynamic OAuth 2.0 authorization

•   SAML 2.0
•   Introduction to SAML 2.0
•   Configure IdPs, SPs, and CoTs
•   Implement single sign-on and single logout

•   OpenID Connect 1.0 (OIDC)
•   OAuth 2.0
•   Dynamic OAuth 2.0 authorization

icon idm Identity Management

Reconciles customer identity data to ensure accurate information across disparate resources within an organization.

Identity Synchronization
•   Synchronization types
•   Connector reference

User Self-Service
•   User self-service overview

Identity Lifecycle and Relationships
•   Synchronization
•   Managed objects
•   Relationships between objects
•   Roles
•   Use assignments to provision users

Social Identity
•   Social authentication

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