Identity Cloud

Migration dependent features


Some new features that ForgeRock adds to Identity Cloud require changes to your tenant environments before they can be introduced. In such cases, ForgeRock defines a migration strategy for the feature. Some examples of feature migration strategies are:

  • Updating the format of your static configuration

  • Updating the way your automated applications are configured

  • Restricting the new feature only to tenants built after the feature is introduced

Current migration dependent features

Feature Effective date Summary

Tenant administrator mandatory 2-step verification


ForgeRock has deprecated the option to let Identity Cloud tenant administrators skip 2-step verification. Customers can continue to use the skip option in their tenants, but this functionality will be removed from Identity Cloud on February 3, 2024.

Application management


ForgeRock has introduced an improved application management UI to Identity Cloud. The UI is only available in tenants created on or after January 12, 2023.

Group identity


ForgeRock has introduced a group identity to simplify the management of permissions and authorizations for collections of users. The group identity is enabled by default in tenants created on or after November 29, 2022. Tenants created before that date can follow an upgrade path to enable it.

Self-service promotions


ForgeRock is replacing support-assisted promotions with self-service promotions. New customers can use self-service promotions straight away, but some existing customers need to migrate the format of their static configuration. The migrations will take place from November 22, 2022 until early 2023.

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