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Tenant settings


The Identity Cloud admin UI provides you a unified view of all the customer, workforce, and device profiles in your tenant. Use the Identity Cloud admin UI to manage all aspects of your tenant including: realms, identities, applications, user journeys, and password policy.

You can review tenant details and access global settings for your tenant by opening the account menu in the top right of the Identity Cloud admin UI, then clicking the Tenant Settings menu option.

View tenant details

  1. In the Identity Cloud admin UI, open the Tenant menu (upper right).


  2. Click Tenant Settings.

  3. Click Details.

    • Tenant Name
      The identifier assigned to the tenant during onboarding and registration. This identifier is not configurable.

    • Region
      The region where your data resides.

Invite and view administrators

Click the Admins tab on the Tenant Settings page to access options to:

Access global settings

  1. In the Identity Cloud admin UI, open the Tenant menu (upper right).

  2. Click Tenant Settings.

  3. Click Global Settings.

    • Cookie
      The name of your tenant’s session cookie.

    • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
      Refer to Configure CORS.

    • Environment Secrets and Variables
      Refer to Manage ESVs using the UI.

    • Log API Keys
      You’ll need this to extract log data.

      • Click On, then click the arrow.

      • In the Log API Keys dialog box, click + New Log API Key.

      • In the New Log API Key dialog box, provide a name, and then click Create key.

      • Identity Cloud generates an api_key_id and an api_key_secret for you to copy and paste.

      • Click Done.

    • End User UI
      Refer to Identity Cloud Identity Cloud hosted pages.

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