Tenant Settings


The Identity Cloud Admin UI provides you a unified view of all the customer, workforce, and device profiles in your tenant. Use the Identity Cloud Admin UI to manage all aspects of your tenant including: realms, identities, applications, user journeys, and password policy.

View tenant details

  1. In the Identity Cloud Admin UI, open the Tenant menu (upper right).


  2. Click Tenant Settings > Details.

    The Tenant Name is the identifier assigned to the tenant during onboarding and registration. This identifier is not configurable.

You’ll need these artifacts for making API calls to AM, or for extracting log data.

  1. In the Identity Cloud Admin UI, open the Tenant menu (upper right).


  2. Click Tenant Settings > Global Settings.

    • Server
      The name of the iPlanetDirectoryPro cookie for your tenant.
      You can copy and paste this in a variety of calls in AM. (Example: OAuth 2.0 Auth Code flow)

    • Log API Keys
      You’ll need this to extract log data.

      • Click On, then click the arrow.

      • In the Log API Keys dialog box, click + New Log API Key.

      • In the New Log API Key dialog box, provide a name, and then click Create key.

      • Identity Cloud generates an api_key_id and an api_key_secret for you to copy and paste.

      • Click Done.

Customize a UI theme

You can use your own logo and preferred colors in the UI that your app users will see.

  1. In the Identity Cloud Admin UI, click the realm name to expand the settings menu.

  2. Go to Realm Setting > Theme.

    • Realm Logo URL: Logo to use for all end-user UIs including consent pages and application pages. This URL can be overridden in the client application profile.

    • To customize the color of any of the following, enter a hexadecimal color code:

      • Sign-in Background Color

      • Button Color

      • Button Active Color

      • Button Text

    • Button Radius: To customize the size of the button radius, slide the slider to the right to make the button larger. Slide it to the left to make the button smaller.

    • (Optional) Sign-In Background Image: Enter the URL of an image you want to display in the background.

  3. When you’re satisfied with your changes, click Save.