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Connectors are a tool to connect Identity Cloud to external resources and services and are built using the ForgeRock Open Connector Framework (ICF). Some connectors are built into Identity Cloud to let you easily connect to data stores in other services and are configurable using the IDM admin UI (native console). Additional connectors are available to set up and run remotely using a remote connector server (RCS).

Built-in connectors

Identity Cloud includes several built-in connectors to connect easily to data stores in other services. These built-in connectors are accessed through the IDM admin UI (native console). For the complete list of connectors bundled with Identity Cloud, refer to Available connectors in the ICF documentation.

For information about provisioning connectors in the application management section of Identity Cloud, refer to Provision settings for an application.

Remote connectors

ForgeRock provides many additional connectors that can be run remotely for continuous, two-way synchronization with external data stores that reside on-premises, in a private cloud, or in a public cloud.

Remote connectors run on a remote connector server (RCS) hosted outside of Identity Cloud. They communicate inbound with your Identity Cloud tenant.

Step-by-step instructions for configuring Identity Cloud and an RCS using the Identity Cloud admin UI are included in Sync identities.

For further details for installing and configuring an RCS, refer to Remote connectors in the ICF documentation.

When used with Identity Cloud, the RCS must be configured to initiate the connection to Identity Cloud, also known as client mode. This configuration is included in the step-by-step instructions if you are configuring your RCS using the Identity Cloud admin UI.

If you are configuring Identity Cloud and your RCS through REST, refer to Configure RCS in client mode in the ICF documentation.

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