Identity Cloud

Social Provider Handler node

Takes the provider selection from the Select Identity Provider node and attempts to authenticate the user. This node collects relevant profile information from the provider and returns the user to the flow, transforming the profile information into the appropriate attributes.

Use this with the Select Identity Provider node to use the Social Identity Provider Service.


  • Account exists

  • No account exists


Property Usage

Transformation Script (required)

A script that transforms a normalized social profile to an identity or managed object.

Select Normalized Profile to Managed User, or any other script you have created for this purpose.

Username Attribute

The attribute in IDM that contains the username for this object.

Client Type

Specify the client type you are using to authenticate to the provider.

Use the default, BROWSER, with ForgeRock-provided user interfaces or the ForgeRock SDK for JavaScript. This causes the node to return the RedirectCallback.

Select NATIVE with the ForgeRock SDKs for Android or iOS. This causes the node to return the IdPCallback.

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