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OneSpan Auth Check Activation node

The OneSpan Auth Check Activation node checks the status of a pending device activation.


Product Compatible?

ForgeRock Identity Cloud


ForgeRock Access Management (self-managed)


ForgeRock Identity Platform (self-managed)



This node gets the username, event expiry date, and cronto image as inputs from the shared state.


This node requires that you have already configured OneSpan Risk CDDC, OneSpan Auth User Register, and OneSpan Auth Visual Code nodes.


This node has no configurable properties.


This node has no outputs.



The device is in the process of activation but not yet activated.


The device is activated and available for authentication.


The process of verifying device activation has timed out.


The device can’t be located in the registered device list.


An error occurred while verifying device activation.


If any error is encountered, then the error condition is stored in the shared state.


If this node logged an error, review the log messages and address the issue appropriately.


onespan auth check activation

This example shows the device activation verification journey, highlighting the use of the OneSpan Auth Check Activation node:

  1. The Username Collector and OneSpan Risk CDDC nodes collect the user’s name and device fingerprint data and store them in the shared state.

  2. The OneSpan Auth User Register node registers the user.

  3. The OneSpan Auth Visual Code node uses the app to obtain a visual authentication code from OneSpan and places it in the shared state.

  4. The OneSpan Auth Check Activation node verifies the status of device activation.

  5. If device activation is in a pending state, the Polling Wait Node pauses the journey to wait and repeat the OneSpan Auth Check Activation node set number of times or activation is complete.

  6. Upon successful device activation, the process continues to the OneSpan Auth Asssign Authenticator node.

  7. When the device is assigned an authenticator successfully, the OneSpan Auth Hide Visual Code node stops displaying the visual code and completes the journey.

  8. If there is an error outcome at the OneSpan Auth User Register node, or there is a timeout, unknown or error outcome at the OneSpan Auth Check Activation node; the OneSpan Auth Hide Visual Code node is invoked to stop displaying the visual code.

  9. The OneSpan Sample Error Display node displays the error message and the authentication fails.

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