Identity Cloud

Configure user self-service journeys

You must configure user self-service journeys before your end users can experience them. For example, you can configure journeys for password reset, username retrieval, and more.

Use cases for user self-service

You must configure Identity Cloud to let end users service their own accounts.

For example, if you want to let end users register themselves with Identity Cloud in order to create their own identity, you must create a journey that collects required information. Then you must test the journey and push the journey’s configuration to your production tenant.

The features end users' can access depend on the configurations you make.

The following is a table referencing various actions you can take as an end user in Identity Cloud (if you configure them). Some links refer to information from ForgeRock Knowledge Base and the ForgeRock Community.

You can configure these self-service journeys:

Use Case Description

Simple login

Simple login journey collecting username and password.

Username recovery

Journey for end users to recover their username.

Password reset

Allow end users to reset their password using a journey.

Password updates

Allow end users to update their password, after being logged in with a session.

User self-registration

Allow end users to register their own identity in Identity Cloud.

Social authentication

Allow end users to use social providers, such as Google or FaceBook to login.

Progressive profile

Ask users for more information based on login count.

Pass-through authentication (PTA)

Validates an end user’s password with a remote system. Use when Identity Cloud password synchronization doesn’t support the remote system’s hash algorithm.

Login after you lost access to your device

Create a journey to allow end users to log in with a recovery code if they lose their device.

For further use cases and questions about configuring the Identity Cloud End User UI, refer to FAQ: Identity Cloud hosted End User UI.

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