Identity Cloud


ForgeRockĀ® Identity Platform serves as the basis for our simple and comprehensive Identity and Access Management solution. We help our customers deepen their relationships with their customers, and improve the productivity and connectivity of their employees and partners. For more information about ForgeRock and about the platform, visit

These topics let you set up and configure user self-service processes using the ForgeRock Identity Platform. These processes include self-registration, login, registration using social identity providers, and additional features like progressive profile completion, password reset, and username recovery.

This documentation helps you familiarize yourself with using the Identity Cloud for user self-service. It provides examples of common self-service actions and introduce you to core concepts for implementing self-service; however, this documentation is not exhaustive or prescriptive.

The examples provided are simply one approach, and there may be more effective approaches for your specific needs. Use the examples as a starting point to learn from.

The ForgeRock Common REST API works across the platform to provide common ways to access web resources and collections of resources.

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