PingOne Advanced Identity Cloud

Read a script

To read an individual script in a realm, perform an HTTP GET using the /json{/realm}/scripts endpoint, specifying the UUID in the URL.

The <session-cookie-name> header is required and should contain the SSO token of an administrative user who has access to perform the operation.

$ curl \
--header "<session-cookie-name>: AQICS...NzEz*" \
--header "Accept-API-Version: resource=1.1" \
  "_id": "aeb22d32-100c-46c0-ac51-af571889e5b9",
  "name": "MyJavaScript",
  "description": "An example script",
  "script": "dmFyIGEgPSAxMjM7CnZhciBiID0gNDU2Ow==",
  "default": false,
  "language": "JAVASCRIPT",
  "context": "POLICY_CONDITION",
  "createdBy": "null",
  "creationDate": 0,
  "lastModifiedBy": "null",
  "lastModifiedDate": 0,
  "evaluatorVersion": "1.0"
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