Identity Cloud


To retrieve a single resource, perform an HTTP GET on the resource by its case-sensitive identifier (_id) and accept a JSON response:

GET /users/some-id HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/json


You can use the following query string parameters:

Parameter Description


Return only the specified fields in the body of the response.

The field values are JSON pointers. For example, if the resource is {"parent":{"child":"value"}}, parent/child refers to the "child":"value".

If the field is left blank, the endpoint returns all default values.


Some resources have fields containing multimedia resources, such as a profile photo.

If the feature is enabled for the endpoint, read a single multimedia resource field by specifying the field and mime-type.

The content type of the field value returned matches the mime-type. The body of the response is the multimedia resource

Do not use the Accept header. For example, Accept: image/png does not work. Use the _mimeType query string parameter instead.


Format the body of the response.

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