PingOne Advanced Identity Cloud

Policy sets in the UI

You manage policy sets under Native Consoles > Access Management. Go to Realms > Realm Name > Authorization > Policy Sets.

To... Action

Create a policy set

Click + New Policy Set.

When creating a policy set, specify an ID and select at least one resource type.

You cannot change the ID after you create the policy set.

Modify a policy set

Click the policy set name or the pencil icon ().

Delete a policy set

Click the delete icon () or click the policy set name then the x Delete button.

You can’t delete a set that contains policies.

Policy set names

Do not use any of the following characters in policy, policy set, or resource type names:

Double quotes (")
Plus sign (+)
Comma (,)
Less than (<)
Equals (=)
Greater than (>)
Backslash (\)
Forward slash (/)
Semicolon (;)
Null (\u0000)

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