Advanced Identity Cloud

ThreatMetrix Update Review node

Provides retrospective truth data from an authentication event to the ThreatMetrix portal. Truth data is beneficial for tuning policies and overall fraud detection.


Property Usage

Org ID

ThreatMetrix generated unique identifier for your organization.


Unique ThreatMetrix allocated key associated with an organization identifier.

Update URI

ThreatMetrix update URI.

Event Tag

Represents the event disposition and outcome of the ThreatMetrix Query. Generally, the Step-Up Initialize tag is configured prior to sending a step-up authentication request. Following a step-up authentication, either Step-Up Pass or Step-Up Fail tag is sent to the ThreatMetrix platform.

Step-Up Method

The chosen step-up method from one of ThreatMetrix’s predefined set of global methods.


An optional parameter that allows you to append any textual detail as the reason for updating the review status.



The request moves to the next node in the journey.


An error occurred.

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