PingOne Advanced Identity Cloud

Authenticate to Advanced Identity Cloud REST API

The Identity Cloud REST API has two different authentication methods, depending on what you are trying to achieve:

  • Use an API key and secret for read-only operations.
    Examples: Advanced Identity Cloud monitoring and logging.

  • Use an access token for access management operations or identity management operations.
    Examples: Setting up authentication journeys or policies; configuring user profiles, roles, or assignments.

Summary of authentication methods

The following table summarizes the REST API endpoints and their different authentication methods:

REST endpoints Authentication method
  • /monitoring/health

  • /.well-known/* (for GET requests)

Not applicable (publicly accessible endpoint)

  • /monitoring

  • /logs

API key and secret.

  • /am/*

  • /openidm/*

  • /.well-known/*

  • /environment/certificates

  • /environment/csrs

  • /environment/promotion/*

  • /environment/restart

  • /environment/secrets

  • /environment/variables

Access token

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