Advanced Identity Cloud

Fingerprint Profiler node

The Fingerprint Profiler node injects the client-side Javascript code required for the fingerprinting process.


Product Compatible?

PingOne Advanced Identity Cloud


ForgeRock Access Management (self-managed)


ForgeRock Identity Platform (self-managed)



This node does not require any input data.


This node uses the externally hosted JavaScript code defined in the ScriptURL Pattern configuration property.


Property Usage

Public API Key

Public API key for the Fingerprint application.

Script URL Pattern

URL path to a hosted JavaScript when using a custom domain. The default URL pattern is

Endpoint (optional)

URL path to the endpoint address when using a custom domain. This is an optional property.

Fingerprint Region

The Fingerprint region in which the Fingerprint application is set up. To use the US or the default region, specify GLOBAL.

Shared State VisitorID

Name of the shared state variable to store the device fingerprint. When ZTM is enabled, set the same value in the Fingerprint Response node.

Zero Trust Mode

You can enable ZTM if your application is set up in ZTM, and the Fingerprint Response node is configured to deliver the fingerprint.


Variable Description


Transaction ID for the unique fingerprint request from Fingerprint server. If ZTM is enabled, this attribute is used by the Fingerprint Response node to retrieve device fingerprint.


Unique figerprint of the browser. This property name is configurable in the Shared State VisitorID setting.


Confidence level for the retrieved fingerprint.

If your application is using ZTM, only deviceRequestId is returned to shared state.

If an error occurs, error messages with the keys [Marketplace]Exception and [Marketplace]StackTrace are output to the shared state.



The profiler node successfully completed.


There was a problem with the node. Check all the settings and the error messages in shared state.


Review the log messages and address the issue appropriately.


The following examples show the use of Fingerprint Profiler and Fingerprint Response nodes in authentication journeys:

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