Advanced Identity Cloud

ThreatMetrix Profiler node

Tags the Advanced Identity Cloud login page with the ThreatMetrix JavaScript to collect information about the event as part of a risk assessment use case. This node fetches the session ID and puts it in the shared state for use by other ThreatMetrix nodes in the journey.

A typical use of the ThreatMetrix Profiler node in a ThreatMetrix authentication journey:

Sample ThreatMetrix Profiler node


Property Usage

Org ID

ThreatMetrix generated unique identifier for your organization.

Page ID

Page identifier used when you set ThreatMetrix tag on multiple pages.

Profiler URI

ThreatMetrix Profiler URI. This can be the basic profiling URL or the enhanced profiling — hosted SSL URL. The default is the basic profiling URL.

Use Client Generated Session IDs

Enable this optional toggle if you have separately integrated ThreatMetrix JS tags in the application web page outside the Advanced Identity Cloud platform. When enabled, the ThreatMetrix Profiler node fetches the ThreatMetrix session ID from the application.



The request moves to the next node in the journey.


An error occurred.

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