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The ForgeRock Marketplace lets you quickly and easily extend the capabilities of the ForgeRock Identity Platform by integrating third party services into your applications or user journeys. Identity Cloud provides a subset of Marketplace integrations out of the box in your environment.

Your Identity Cloud tenant provides the following Marketplace nodes. You can find them under the Marketplace header in the Identity Cloud admin UI’s drag-and-drop user journey editor.

Integration Use case

Integrate with BioCatch scoring for identity proofing, continuous authentication, and fraud protection. The BioCatch platform develops behavioral biometric profiles of online users to recognize a wide range of human and non-human cybersecurity threats including malware, remote access trojans (RATs), and robotic activity (bots).

Use Duo’s solution for adaptive authentication, bring your own device (BYOD) security, cloud security, endpoint security, mobile security, and two-factor authentication.

Integrate with to reduce fraud and improve customer experience.

Enable a secure communication channel for Identity Cloud authentication journeys to communicate directly with the Identity Gateway.

The HTTP Client node lets you make HTTP(S) requests to APIs and services external to Identity Cloud from within a journey.

Integrate with the Daon IdentityX platform for MFA with mobile authentication or out-of-band authentication using a separate, secure channel.

The iProov Authentication node integrates Identity Cloud authentication journeys with the Genuine Presence Assurance and Liveness Assurance] products from iProov.

Integrate with Jumio identity verification to let you capture and submit your government-issued ID documents easily and securely.

Interate with LexisNexis One Time Password (OTP) to use an out-of-band identity proofing method that provides stronger authentication for high-risk, high-value transactions.

Integrates with Microsoft Intune to let you control features and settings on Android, Android Enterprise, iOS/iPadOS, macOS, and Windows 10/11 devices in your organization.

Integrate with OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication (IAA) to help reduce fraud, improve customer experience, and meet compliance requirements.

Integrate an Onfido check for identity verification, matching a user with their official identification documents.

The PingOne node establishes trust between PingOne and Identity Cloud by leveraging a federated connection. The PingOne DaVinci API node executes an API call to PingOne DaVinci to launch a specific DaVinci flow.

PingOne Protect is a centralized identity threat protection service, securing your digital assets against online fraud attempts, such as account takeover and fraudulent new account registration.

The PingOne Verify service lets you configure and use PingOne Verify nodes to provide four types of secure user verification:

The RSA SecurID node lets you use the RSA Cloud Authentication Service (RSA ID Plus) or RSA Authentication Manager from within an authentication journey on your Identity Cloud environment.

Integrate with Secret Double Octopus (SDO) to provide high-assurance, passwordless authentication system.

Integrate Lexis-Nexis ThreatMetrix decision tools and enable device intelligence and risk assessment in Identity Cloud.

Leverage Twilio for second factor authentication during new account or sign on scenarios.

Check this list periodically as we continue to expand our integrations.

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