Identity Cloud

Application management migration FAQ

Application management allows you to manage the security and access of common and custom relying-party applications and SAML 2.0 applications directly from Identity Cloud. This functionality is most commonly used to manage data and system access for employees within an organization, commonly referred to as workforce identity and access management.

How is application management changing?

ForgeRock has improved application management by introducing a single UI interface to the Identity Cloud admin UI that manages all aspects of an application relevant to Identity Cloud. This replaces the previous arrangement, which required a combination of actions across the Identity Cloud admin UI, AM admin UI, and IDM admin UI. In addition, ForgeRock has introduced an application catalog to speed up application configuration for common use cases.

How is the improved application management UI being introduced?

The improved application management UI is only available in tenants created on or after January 12, 2023.

What documentation should I use?

How can I upgrade my tenants?

There are no instructions yet on how to upgrade your tenants.

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