Identity Cloud

Scripting environment

Identity Cloud supports scripts written in JavaScript.

Access Java classes

Scripts can only import Java classes on the allowlist. Identity Cloud defines an allowlist per script type.

To access Java classes in a script, use the JavaImporter:

var fr = JavaImporter(

if (callbacks.isEmpty()) {
    action = fr.Action.send(
      new fr.NameCallback("Enter Your First Name"),
      new fr.NameCallback("Enter Your Last Name")
} else {
    sharedState.put("FirstName", callbacks.get(0).getName());
    sharedState.put("LastName", callbacks.get(1).getName());
    action = fr.Action.goTo("true").build();

Scripting engine

Identity Cloud uses the Mozilla Rhino JavaScript engine version 1.7.14 to run JavaScript. Rhino has limited support for ES6 / ES2015 (JavaScript version 1.7). For more information, refer to Rhino ES2015 Support.

Identity Cloud scripting engines configure security and thread pools.

Thread pools

The scripting engine defines a thread pool for each script type.

Each script executes in an individual thread. The scripting engine allocates threads until it reaches a maximum of 50 threads per pool. When the scripting engine reaches the maximum number of threads, it queues scripts until a thread becomes available.

When a script has either completed or remained idle for more than 60 seconds, the script engine terminates the thread and makes it available to the pool.

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