Identity Cloud

High availability and disaster recovery

High availability

ForgeRock provides high availability (HA) by:

  • Deploying Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) clusters across multiple availability zones (AZs) within a region to create regional redundancy. In the event of physical hardware failure within a particular zone, workloads are automatically redistributed to other zones.

    For a full list of supported regions, refer to Data residency.
  • Autoscaling clusters to adapt to the demands of the workloads, and to automatically replace lost nodes.

Disaster recovery

ForgeRock provides disaster recovery (DR) by:

  • (All data regions) Taking snapshots of the data stored within each region. Should data corruption occur, the snapshots let you restore the datastore and associated configuration data. Because Identity Cloud takes snapshots incrementally, you can perform a complete restore, or you can restore data starting from a point in time at which a snapshot was taken.

  • Backing up data to a different region. In case of a major outage in a particular region, ForgeRock can restore service in a backup region. For details about the availability of backup in specific data regions, refer to Regions.

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