Advanced Identity Cloud

Gateway Communication node

The Gateway Communication node provides a secure communication channel with Identity Gateway directly from within a journey.


Product Compatible?

Advanced Identity Cloud


Access Management (self-managed)


ForgeRock Identity Platform (self-managed)



Any data in the shared state that must be sent to Identity Gateway.


To use this node, you must configure the Gateway Communication service.


The configurable properties for this node are:

Property Usage

Identity Gateway Service

Identity Gateway service set up used for this communication.

IG Route

The name of the route to take when Identity Gateway is reached.

Mapping to Gateway

Map data sent in a JWT to Identity Gateway from the shared state in the journey. This is an optional property that is used only when Identity Gateway needs data.

  • The key is the Shared State Key containing the data to map.

  • The value is the Claim Key Name in the shared state sent in the claim.

Mapping from Gateway

Map data returned from Identity Gateway to the shared state in the journey.

  • The key is the Identity Gateway key in the claim.

  • The value is returned by Identity Gateway and saved to the shared state.


Any data mapped from the claims returned by Identity Gateway that is stored in the shared state of the journey.



The gateway successfully returned a valid signed and encrypted JWT.


Any error that occurred during an attempt to communicate with the gateway.


If this node logs an error, review the log messages to find the reason for the error and address the issue appropriately.


This example journey highlights the use of the Gateway Communication node to authenticate internal accesses.

gateway comm

Advanced Identity Cloud provides sample journeys you can download to understand and address the most common Gateway Communication use cases.

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