PingOne Advanced Identity Cloud

Identity mappings

When external identity data is synchronized with PingOne Advanced Identity Cloud, either as a one-time migration or on an ongoing basis, you should take into account the synchronization strategy into the data object model.

Data object modeling
Data mastering

When identity information is synchronized between environments, it is best to establish a single source of truth for that data. For example, if you create customer identities within a customer relationship management (CRM) system and then synchronize them into Advanced Identity Cloud, you should avoid the same customer information being updated in both Advanced Identity Cloud and the CRM system.

This case can lead to a circular synchronization process, where changes are synchronized outbound to the CRM, then pulled back again at the next inbound sync, triggering another outbound sync, and so on.

Data hygiene

Prior to enabling synchronization, you should validate external identity data against the field policies set in Advanced Identity Cloud. You should resolve any discrepancies by updating existing data or by mapping logic included in the synchronization process.

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