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UAT tenant environment

Identity Cloud add-on capability

Contact your ForgeRock representative if you are interested in adding a UAT environment to your Identity Cloud subscription. Refer to Add-on capabilities.

A UAT (user acceptance testing) tenant environment is an additional environment that you can add into your standard promotion group of development, staging, and production tenant environments. It has the same capabilities as your staging environment, allowing you to test your development changes in a production-like environment.

Having a UAT environment in addition to your staging environment lets you perform different kinds of testing in parallel; for example, you could perform user acceptance testing in your UAT environment alongside load testing in your staging environment (or the other way around if you prefer).

A UAT environment is inserted into the self-service promotion process between the development and staging environments; the revised promotion order is development → UAT → staging → production.

environments with uat
You may only add one UAT environment to your promotion group of environments.

Set up tenant administrators

A new UAT environment is set up with an initial tenant administrator (as specified to your ForgeRock representative when requesting the environment).

You can set up additional tenant administrators in the same way as you did for your development, staging, and production environments. Refer to Invite tenant administrators.

Set up configuration

Existing customers

A new UAT environment contains no configuration; ForgeRock does not copy any configuration from your existing environments.

You need to promote your configuration from your development environment to your UAT environment. Observe the following warnings:

  • Make sure you promote from your development environment to your UAT environment before you promote from your UAT environment to your staging environment; otherwise, you will overwrite the configuration in your staging environment.

  • Make sure the configuration in your development environment matches the configuration in your staging environment, as this configuration eventually gets promoted through your UAT environment to your production environment.

  • Make sure all required ESVs are created in your UAT environment.

New customers

A new UAT environment contains no configuration, but neither does a new development, staging, or production environment. Therefore, your only additional consideration is that there is an extra environment inserted into the promotion process between your development environment and your staging environment.

You need to configure your development environment before you can promote to your UAT environment. To learn more about managing environments and promoting configuration between them refer to Introduction to self-service promotions.

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