Identity Cloud

Extend functionality through scripts

Before implementing a script, it’s highly recommended that you validate the script over REST. Use scripts in a test environment before deploying them to a production environment.

A number of script hooks let you manipulate managed objects using scripts. Scripts can be triggered during various stages of the lifecycle of the managed object, and are defined in the managed object schema.

You can trigger scripts when a managed object is:

  • Created (onCreate)

  • Deleted (onDelete)

  • Read (onRead)

  • Retrieved (onRetrieve)

  • Stored in the repository (onStore)

  • Synchronized (onSync)

  • Updated (onUpdate)

  • Validated (onValidate)

Post-action scripts let you manipulate objects after they are:

  • Created (postCreate)

  • Updated (postUpdate)

  • Deleted (postDelete)

For in-depth explanations of the various scripts, refer to managed object configuration properties.

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