Identity Cloud

ThreatMetrix Session Query node

Obtains the policy decision about a user session.

This node:

  • Queries the DDP

  • Retrieves a policy decision about the user session

  • Stores the configured session query parameters in shared state

Sample ThreatMetrix Session Query Node Configuration


Property Usage

Org ID

ThreatMetrix-generated unique identifier for your organization.


Unique key allocated by ThreatMetrix and associated with an Org ID.

Service Type

Defines the API Response output fields returned from the API Request. The default is session-policy.

Event Type

Specifies the type of transaction or event. The default is the login event.


The ThreatMetrix policy used to query the DDP.

Unknown Session Action

Unknown sessions occur for a variety of reasons where the device profiling has failed. The unknown sessions action parameter lets the system administrator to define a response action when an unknown session occurs at runtime.

Query Type

Defines the query type to send to ThreatMetrix. Session query requires device profile information and the attribute query does not require device profile information.

Session Query URI

ThreatMetrix Session Query URI, which is ignored when the Query Type property is not set to Session Query.

Attribute Query URI

ThreatMetrix Attribute Query URI, which is ignored when the Query Type property is not set to Attribute Query.

Add Shared State Variables To Request

A boolean property. Enable this property to add additional parameters to the ThreatMetrix API request. In general,we recommend that you add as much data as possible to the API requests to improve fidelity of the risk assessment.

Session Query Parameters

A list of key-value pairs. Key is a ThreatMetrix attribute and the value is a ForgeRock attribute. The values are read from the ForgeRock authenticated identity store.



The request moves to the next node in the journey.


An error such as a misconfigured URI, or network failure has occurred.

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