Identity Cloud

Admin UIs

Identity Cloud provides three user interfaces (UIs) to help you manage your tenant:

idcloudui admin consoles

① Identity Cloud admin UI
② AM admin UI (native console)
③ IDM admin UI (native console)

Identity Cloud admin UI

This is the primary UI, designed to handle most of the day-to-day tasks associated with managing your tenant. To get started, take a test drive.

AM admin UI and IDM admin UI (native consoles)

These are secondary UIs, intended for specialist tasks when configuring AM and IDM in Identity Cloud. They let you access functionality not yet available in the Identity Cloud admin UI.

You don’t need separate credentials to access these UIs. If you are signed into the Identity Cloud admin UI, you can seamlessly switch from one UI to another.

AM admin UI

Use to register SAML 2.0 applications, for example.

To open, in the Identity Cloud admin UI, click Native Consoles > Access Management.

IDM admin UI

Use to set up a built-in connector, for example, or map your identities to identities stored in an external resource.

In the Identity Cloud admin UI, click Native Consoles > Identity Management.

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