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Duo Universal Prompt node

The Duo Universal Prompt node integrates with the Duo service to provide two-factor authentication using Duo’s Universal Prompt authentication interface. You can integrate Universal Prompt with your web applications using the Duo Web v4 SDK.

The Duo Universal Prompt node redirects the user to the Duo service, where they complete their registration or authentication; and return to the journey.


Product Compatible?

ForgeRock Identity Cloud


ForgeRock Access Management (self-managed)


ForgeRock Identity Platform (self-managed)



This node requires the following inbound data:

Description Attribute name Source



Shared state


To use this node, you should have already set up Identity Cloud integration with the Duo authentication service. Refer to Duo node (Deprecated).


The configurable properties for this node are:

Property Usage

Client ID

The client’s ID on Duo.

Client Secret

The client’s secret on Duo.

API Hostname

The Duo API host name.

Failure Mode When Duo is Down

When Duo health check fails, two-factor authentication is not performed and this property is used to determine the outcome from the node:

  • If set to OPEN, the node proceeds to the True outcome.

  • If set to CLOSED, the node proceeds to the False outcome.

OpenAM Callback URL

The Identity Cloud callback URL to return and resume the journey.


In case of an Error outcome, the error message is output to the shared state.



Duo authentication is successful.


Duo authentication failed.


Any error that occurred while authenticating. An error message is output to the shared state.


If this node logs an error, review the log messages to find the reason for the error and address the issue appropriately.


This example journey highlights the use of the Duo Universal Prompt node. In this case, the Duo Universal Prompt node redirects the user to the Duo service to complete their Duo registration or authentication. Upon completion of registration or authentication, the user returns to the node and continues the journey.

duo univ prompt journey
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