Identity Cloud

IdentityX Sponsor User node

Enables Daon IdentityX sponsorship (enrollment) of an end user.

Include an IdentityX Check Enrollment Status node in the journey prior to this node.



Successfully enrolled the end user.

Enrollment Timeout

Enrollment timed out.


The end user canceled enrollment.


An error occurred.


Property Usage

Registration Policy

IdentityX registration policy to use for enrollment.

Application ID

Name of the IdentityX application to use.

Polling Wait Interval

Number of seconds to wait between polling the IdentityX platform.

Number Of Times to Poll

Number of times to poll the status of the enrollment request.

Message to Display

Message or instructions to be displayed on the screen below the QR code.

Default: Scan the QR code with your mobile app.


For examples in context, refer to the Daon IdentityX examples.

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